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Työpaja: Caught in Trauma. 2 Days, 3 Films

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Last updated on 26.1.2023

Dear colleagues and anyone interested,
We would like to invite you to the following psychoanalytic film workshop which will be held March 28-29 right before the EPF-Congress 2020 in Vienna:

Caught in Trauma. 2 Days, 3 Films
In this workshop presented by the Vienna Psychoanalytic Academy we will examine experiences of being caught in individual and/ or collective trauma. Different ways of dealing with trauma will become apparent in the different artistic expressions of the films shown during the workshop. How do traumatic experiences of war and displacement continue to work in the unconscious?
The three films consider various geographic areas and periods of traumatising events. To tie in with the EPF-Congress 2020 theme Realities, films were selected with a focus on Europe.

Discussants: Ermin Bravo, Thomas Jung, Tjark Kunstreich, Stanislav Matačić

The workshop is also the kick-off for the seminar Caught in Trauma. 7 films, 2 semesters (Im Trauma gefangen. 7 Filme, 2 Semester).

Registration fee: 180,00 Euro.

For more information or the list of selected films and for online registration follow this link:
» More information

This workshop is open to the public.

We look forward to seeing you in Vienna,
Thomas Jung (Vienna Psychoanalytic Association – IPA) Tjark Kunstreich (Vienna Psychoanalytic Society – IPA)