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Seminaari: Listening After Bion Seminar

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Last updated on 26.1.2023

Listening After Bion Seminar
Edinburgh, Scotland, August 2 and 3.

My name is Sharadha Bain and I am a psychoanalytic psychotherapist based in Edinburgh, Scotland. I am currently assisting my colleague, Kedzie Penfield, in organising a seminar series entitled ’Listening After Bion’, that will take place in Edinburgh during August. The seminars will be led by Jeff Eaton, a psychoanalyst from Seattle, whose work with both children and adults is steeped in his decades of intensive study and teaching of Bion. I am writing to ask if you would very kindly share information about the seminars with your analysts, therapists and trainees, so they can also partake of what promises to be a really valuable event? I am attaching a flyer for the seminars, and would be happy to provide further information upon request.

Psychoanalytic Psychotherapist MSAPP BPC
T: +44 (0)7427 327 876
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