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Konferenssi: ICCAP 2019 Berlin

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Last updated on 26.1.2023

EFPP tiedote jäsenistölle – ICCAP 2019 Berlin
Dear colleagues,
We would like to inform you that the 9th International Conference for Conversation Analysis and Psychotherapy (ICCAP-2019) will take place from June 20-23 at the International Psychoanalytic University (IPU), Berlin (Germany).

The IPU is proud to host this conference of international renowned scientists who use to meet at places worldwide. One of the conference goals is to promote conversational analysis, but also to combine it with every day problems of psychotherapeutic practice. The organisers ask for panel contributions from psychotherapists who may also announce a whole panel (containing 4 speakers chosen by the person who announces). Announcements and signing ins of panels are accepted until mid of March (please see the attached flyer).


Please contribute to this conference and show to which extent psychotherapy in all its variations means art of conversation. On Sunday morning (June 23, 2019) Peter Fonagy, psychoanalyst and theorist of mentalisation, and Ivan Leudar, conversation analyst, will give a controversial foretaste during a discussion moderated by Jörg Bergmann (former director of the Centre for Interdisciplinary Studies). You may look forward to that!

Prof. Dr. Michael B. Buchholz

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